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8 Tips For Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Company

A new commercial roofing system for a business or a new roofing system for a multi-family home can be quite expensive. The investment made into your roof can last a substantial amount of time so it is important to do your due diligence. Did you know that a roof can typically last 15-20 years? You can ensure that your roof will last that long with a quality roofing company that chooses the best materials for your specific roofing needs. Below is a simple process to follow when looking for a multi-family property or commercial roofing company.

1. REPUTATION – Check online reviews and ask around about potential roofing companies

The first step in that process is to check out online reviews and make sure the company is reputable, trustworthy, and efficient in their work. Another good resource to use is asking anyone that you personally know that has used the company previously. A good tip to follow when reading through the reviews is to cross reference other reviews that people have made about other companies as well. This can be helpful because people sometimes only comment when negative things happen.

2. EXPERIENCE – Look at pictures of prior work

Once you are satisfied with the reviews, the next step is to look at pictures of prior work. Pictures can show many sides of a company’s portfolio: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The more pictures you can review, the better! You may feel more prepared and secure in your decision with a plethora of information such as reviews and pictures. Both of these steps will provide a perfect avenue of communication with the company of your choice.

3. FREE CONSULTATION – Find a company that offers a free consultation and ask questions specific about your roofing needs

Some companies charge for consultations and if you are not confident in their abilities, then those fees can add up with multiple consultations. Ideally, you find a company that offers free consultations. Keep in mind the reviews and pictures that were in the first two steps. These can come into play when you think of the specific questions that cater to your business or multi-family property. During this consultation, ask as many questions as needed, that is what this time is for!

4. INSURANCE – Ask to see proof of insurance

Ask the company about their insurance policy and what specifically it covers. If the insurance covers all incidences, then you do not need to worry. The last thing you want to have happen is someone becoming injured on your property and then you or your company become liable for all of those expenses.

5. LICENSINGVerify the license of registration

There are many avenues of the construction realm that require a license. While Indiana does not require licensing for roofing, be sure to check your local requirements just in case. As with any profession, the more education and training that the company’s employees have, the more prepared they are for many circumstances that may arise on your roof.

6. WARRANTY Ask if the roofing company offers a warranty program

Warranty programs are very essential to financially protect the company or homeowner in the event of any damage that might take place over a specific period of time. If a company does not provide any warranty program, consider using a different company. It is important to keep the warranty documents so you have written proof of everything that is covered in the event of your roof being damaged. For example, some warranties may cover hail damage while others do not. Being prepared for unknown events is essential.

7. COSTAre you budgeted for this company, do they provide payment plans

The cost of a new roof can vary due to a variety of reasons: materials, size of roof, and labor costs. Ideally, being prepared for this cost is imperative. Some companies may provide payment plans which could assist their client in making smaller payments over time. To do this, a certain percentage will need to be put down upfront before services. Allotting for a roofing budget would help alleviate the stress of the overall cost.

8. LOCALKeep it local

Choosing a roofing company that is local provides the client with a better all-around service. Communication can be better because it can be done in person rather than exclusively on the phone. The labor can also happen much quicker if the company does not have to commute far and tend to any needs that you have in a timely manner. 

Following these 8 simple tips will make choosing the best commercial roofing company seem like a breeze! The hard work that they will put in to fit your roofing needs could last a couple decades.