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Storms Can Wreak Havoc On Your Roof. We’ve Got You Covered.

Severe Weather Service

Noticing damage to your roof & property after the big storm? Don’t panic…

We are here to make the process of dealing with an insurance claim hassle free. Our team specializes in handling Insurance claims & is here to help you through the entire process.

The first step to take is to schedule an inspection of the property. The Ascend Roofing team will thoroughly assess the exterior components of your home  to survey all damages. From there we make the determination of whether simple repairs are required or if the siding and/or roof need to be replaced.

The insurance claim is where we can make a huge difference, as many homeowners will deal with their insurance adjuster and not have all the damages covered. When we walk them through our inspection findings, we can help ensure your roof is installed to meet building code & has all the proper components to ensure a fully functioning roof system. You can then have the confidence relying on a roofing company able to handle problem caused by:

Hail Damage

With the unpredictable climate of Indianapolis, hail damage is a common threat in the spring & summer months. We offer fast inspections, affordable repairs for roofs, skylights, and gutters affected by hail and severe weather.

Wind Damage

High winds can loosen shingles or cause severe damage to an entire roofing system, and we offer thorough, expert service for inspection and repairs.

Wood Rot

Caused by trapped moisture, fungi, and improper installation, wood rot in your roofing system can weaken the structure of your home—making it imperative to have a professional handle the situation quickly.

Tree Damage

Storms can create tons of property damage, including blowing branches, tree limbs or even entire trees down. We can help guide the process in repairs & restoration when trees on your property fall on your home or business roof or gutter system.

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Having a recent inspection report, (should a storm, fire, or a falling tree damage your property and roof) will help provide information to your insurance company that your roof was in good condition prior to the event.