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Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home or business from wind and weather damage. Even the smallest issue with your roof can lead to large problems— and in many instances small issues are tough to spot from the ground. That’s why having a professional and qualified roofing contractor conduct a thorough roof inspection is a smart idea. 

Ascend Roofing was started with the belief that an honest assessment and transparent customer interaction are the  foundation for a strong business. So that is what we built. Get in touch with us today to see why we are the first choice for homeowners needing help with their property needs and repairs.

When Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

There are times when it makes financial sense to invest in replacing your roof. Knowing when to have your roof inspected should be a priority when considering making a financial decision.

When Selling Your Home

Get a roof inspection before listing your home. No one wants their closing to be delayed, but potential problems with the roof can be a red flag for purchasers.This eliminates any surprises—and knowing the roof is in good shape will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Before a Big Storm

If a major storm is looming, try to have a roof inspection done before it arrives. This will give you peace of mind knowing your roof is in top shape to withhold strong winds, rains and at the very most, have documented conditions of your property should damage be taken during storms.

After a Weather Event

Severe weather can potentially damage your roof that may not be easy to see. A roof inspection can spot minor storm damage before it leads to the need for more expensive repairs.

As Part of Preventative Maintenance

We offer both businesses and homeowners plans to help ensure the maximum potential life from your roof system. Extend the life of your roof and prevent interior leaks with an annual roof inspection. This is a great solution for multifamily buildings and commercial properties.

Why Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

Peace of mind is a perk when scheduling a roof inspection, however the benefits go beyond this. Here are some of the most compelling reasons for scheduling  a roof inspection with Ascend Roofing.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

When you find a loose shingle on your roof, it is a simple and often inexpensive fix. Now take that same loose shingle and leave it untreated. This creates potential for damaging leaks, mold growth in the attic, and damage to the interior of your home. A roof inspection gives you the upper hand, and much needed time to begin dealing with these issues as quickly as possible.

Help with Insurance Claims

Having a recent inspection report, (should a storm, fire, or a falling tree damage your property and roof) will help provide information to your insurance company that your roof was in good condition prior to the event.

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